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I wondered how to begin my own take on the subject of goals. So much has been written and even more techniques are being introduced as science reveals how the human brain functions. One of the more enduring templates to help in goal setting is ofcourse the SMART GoalAt QuestUniquE we fundamentally interpret the “A” typically associated with Achievable, attainable, appropriate, aligned etcetera in the context of passion and commitment from the heart. We refer to the “A” as ATTRACTIVE! The science and validation from Emotional Intelligence clearly demonstrate that you need the Head and the Heart to be fully engaged on your journey of choice.

At QuestUniquE we also suggest that you need a holistic mindset about yourself. No goal we set ourselves is an isolated event and experience even if it is a one-off. With The ROQUE Model influence we ask three fundamental questions first:

  1. What is your Dream for yourself as a Human Being?
  2. What is your Dream for yourself in your Key Relationships?
  3. What is your Dream for yourself in your Professional or Vocational role?

Yes, it all starts with a dream. If we do not have or are not clear about our dreams in these distinct but integrated aspects of our life, our experiences of fulfillment become vague and may even lose meaning. The logic in the order above is critical too. We are Human Beings first. Yet because of that very fact, we are predestined to live in a connected or relational world. This includes family, friends, social interactions and even every day living with all whose path we cross. And in order to sustain our relational world, we need to do something! That is where vocation, profession, career, ’employment work’ comes in. So to identify a goal in one’s relational world, there must be synergy between our human being-ness and our work life. If there was conflict, the goal journey would be harder. The same goes for goals set for our human being journey and for our career or professional life.

Back to goals! A wise elder once said. Yes it is good to have goals. But once you have identified the goal, stop ‘having’ the goal. You see, when you say “I have a goal” you put separation between you and the goal. Instead we must, BECOME the goal! Every action, every step must be living the goal.

 At QuestUniquE, we challenge the mindset and thinking that sets the goal. If your dream is all consuming with the energy of passion, you will not need a process to keep you on track. That ‘force’ will cause you to act in a compulsive way. Everyone has experienced this. Yet such is life, that we experience moments of motivation and moments of loss of focus. So yes, tools can be helpful. The secret is to develop mastery of the tools and not to be a slave of the process. With mastery, we dance. With enslavement we labour!

In the ROQUE coaching process. the letter “U” stands for UNIQUE Needs. Even before one can embark on a Quest or chosen goals, we have to understand what we need to put into place before we can begin that journey. There may be fundamentals such as tools, knowledge, connections etcetera. However, at QuestUniquE we use The FIVE KEY ANCHORS to guide us with some basic understanding of who and how we are in our Relational world.

Please contact us if you would like a copy of the following:

Definition of Dreams, Vision, Mission, Purpose

 SMART Goal template