The ROQUE Coaching and discovery tool

The ROQUE Coaching and Discovery Tool


There are a number of great coaching tools out there. And to this rich diversity, the ROQUE Coaching and discovery tool has been in use now in many countries across all continents for just over ten years!  We’d love to hear how the ROQUE Coaching and Discovery tool works for you. Feel free to download and share.

Access the ROQUE Coaching and discovery tool here.

To hear how  ROQUE the acronym came to exist check out the following videos:

TEDx Melbourne talk:  Wisdom through leadership to ROQUE the world.



The story of The ROQUE Model

Use the ROQUE coaching and discovery tool  for:

            • Decision making

            • Clarifying an issue or problem

            • Planning

            • Goal setting

            • Emotional commitment check via Head and Heart

            • Assessing

            • Validating

            • Sharing

            • Teaming

            • Brainstorming

            • Prioritizing

            • Assists mediation

            • Reflection

Where ROQUE  has reached in the world today:


Access the ROQUE Coaching and discovery tool here.