Coaching and Mentoring support to take you from where you are to where you seriously want to be.

The coaching methodology at the core of QuestUnique professional coaching.

An online interactive tool for self-discovery and reflection. A life changing conversation starter.

The ROQUE Model

It is an online interactive instrument that prompts you to reflect on your personal journey of fulfillment. The ROQUE Model does this through exploring and discovering options about questions within yourself.

It is a self-reflection tool that offers an initial step in a potentially significant life enhancing journey – if you choose to apply it's revelations.

QuestUnique uses The ROQUE Model within our business coaching services. Additionally, the ROQUE Model is available for every individual seeking to grow by tapping into their own potential, and those who help and support or lead others. It may help you to achieve your goals in both your career and personal life or to use in your own coaching aspirations..

What is QuestUnique?

QuestUnique is a network of professional coaches who believe every individual has the opportunity and choice to tap into their own potential.

We utilize a number of professional coaching, mentoring approaches, coaching tools and systems including The ROQUE Model to achieve this. This unique tool set helps engage individuals through our business and executive mentoring services to achieve their goals.

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Is professional coaching right for me?

Do you own a business or work at an executive level for a large business or corporation? Have you ever wondered where you are in your life? Or even where you are headed? Have you ever asked yourself: Is this where I wanted to be and what I really want to become?

If time or enthusiasm is scarce for you at the moment, would a smart, efficient and proven process help? One that gives you an instant status snapshot of your life’s journey?

QuestUnique employs a unique take on professional coaching for business owners and executives. We care about the whole individual. We realize that if personal and professional lives are out of balance it will impact efforts to reach their true potential. Our internally developed coaching tools allow us to get a unique perspective of this balance and understand where the individual needs to focus their attention.

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To own and run a business,
or manage a corporation from an executive level,
is to exercise your Leadership Skills.


Do you know you have your own leadership capacity and style?
Can you recognize it in others?
Do you dare to be a visionary and one who inspires others?
How will you know?

Business People Silhouettes

“Can you be a Leader and still be a Human Being?”

Still unsure about the benefits of a coaching, mentoring business advisory?

Visit our coaching FAQ to learn the answers to some of the more common questions. We help different individuals in various stages of their personal and professional lives. We have flexible options for organizing appointments, pricing structures, coaching, mentoring and advisory objectives and levels of involvement with your business or corporate environment as a whole.

Our professional coaching services have a proven track record of assisting individuals to achieve their goals. They become contextually aware of their personal, relational and professional lives. Let QuestUnique help you in the beginning of your own journey today.

What others are saying about QuestUnique

QuestUnique has worked with a number of businesses and individuals over the years in a wide range of industries. We are very proud of the goals and successes we have helped them to achieve. We value the friendships and trusted relationships we have developed. Below are just a sample of some of the business individuals we have worked with in our capacity of business coach, executive coach, mentor and trusted advisor.

There are many people working in the field of intercultural management who focus simply on surface behaviors, checklists and tips. Joseph D’Souza works at a much deeper level. He is interested in the whole person and recognizes that living and working across cultures is both a professional challenge, and also an opportunity for personal growth.

Joseph S

Joseph can be described as a coach, business man, visionary, genius, spiritual guide, friend … the list goes on. He can open your mind to possibilities that few can connect on their own. I can fully recommend this soft-spoken gentleman with a glowing reference on his approach to work, the way he relates to people and the friendship’s that eventuate.

Yee C

Joseph is the absolute professional. He very adeptly combines pure logic and heartfelt empathy in a unique way that truly encourages the best from those he works with – myself included. I therefore have no hesitation in recomending Joseph and his work.

Anthony T

Joseph’s range of experience, knowledge and skills cross many industries and cultures but fundamental to everything is his immense talent towards helping people to evaluate their goals and realise their true potential. In his life he continually exhibits his passion to methodically visualise, plan and execute and this is brought to bear in the coaching and tool set he..

Dominic D

Joseph is an extremely experienced and professional business and life coach, who strikes exceptional rapport with his clients. Using his revolutionary ROQUE model, Joseph assists clients to assess current realities and create goals to move forward in a purposeful manner. Joseph offers unlimited strategies for every stage of business and personal development. An exceptional coach.

Susan A

Joseph is a very engaging and thought provoking person. His empathetic approach allows him to engage with a wide and diverse group of people to discover the root cause of issues or create innovative approaches to developing ideas for execution of initiatives. Joseph has extensive experience in consulting and can lead a team of people through a framework to come up with pragmatic recommendations. He is well regarded amongst his community of associates and works very well with senior level executives.

Martin S