Achieving congruence of head and heart with the ears!

I often refer to the Head and Heart congruence for effective management. This is a great article on how effective leaders capture that very spirit by including their teams. When canvassing feedback with the aim of achieving buy-in, the world of business and non business if full of some excellent tools to facilitate processes. The important perspective however must be one of respect. With respect comes openness. With openness comes both humility and magnanimity. If “there is no such thing as ‘Business’ or ‘Organization’ or ‘Corporation’! There are only PEOPLE having meaningful CONVERSATIONS with each other. Whether it is manager to employee, professional to client, business to business – nothing eventuates without a conversation. Good conversations become better when relationships are respected and nurtured. Therefore tapping the individual’s potential first, paves the way for valuing enhanced human being contribution.”, then touching the hearts of  individuals at all levels of the organization, especially in aspirations of change is a good first step. Listening, therefore is an excellent attribute in leadership.

Enjoy the following article: “Effective CEOs Lead With Their Ears” by John Patrick