Are you a weaver?

In an African oral tradition it is said:

“When the weaver lifts one foot, the other descends. When one foot stops and the movement ceases, no more cloth is made. His hands launch the shuttle: it goes from one hand to the other; no hand can ever keep hold of it. As the action of the weaver, so is the union of opposites that weaves our life.”

In your life as a Human Being, your Relationships and your Professional or Vocational… are you conscious of what you are weaving?

This metaphor may also be applied to our professional or business or vocational activities.

A business of any size and type can only grow as you continuously weave at least the following continuously:

  1. Clarity of Dream, Vision, Mission and Purpose.
  2. Focus with awareness of the chosen core or niche.
  3. Responding and innovating your approach to your audience.
  4. Agile discovery and maneuvering of all the SWOTs.
  5. Consistent, replicable quality at all levels.
  6. Effective leveraging of resources – financial, non financial and qualitative.
  7. Clarity about what you deliver being what was wanted.