As with IN, so with OUT

This simple aphorism has spoken worlds to me over many years. Wise ones have recognized this principle and expressed it eloquently to serve many illustrations of messages. Some of my favourite include:

What you see, dictates how you act and how you act dictates what you get.

Without inner peace how can we expect to appreciate life?

And whilst there is merit in ‘fake it’ till you ‘make it’ this is more about self-motivation rather than external efficacy. Lack of congruency is usually intuitively picked up by others and you are seen as insincere.

Even in the world of business one uses the terms Internal Efficiency and External Effectiveness. In simple words, if you have good processes and systems, you are best positioned to deliver services to meet and exceed customer expectations. Even no thanks (when everything operates smoothly) is a thank you, for when something goes wrong, you will either hear about it or customers will talk and not return.

Then again this principle of internal efficiency and external effectiveness can extend to all aspects of life. If within a relationship there is harmony, this will reveal itself to the life you enjoy together. If there is good domestic management routine, there is good quality living – from eating, to playing, to doing, to sharing, to receiving, to giving.

So as Ralph Waldo Emerson said: Hitch your wagon to a star and enjoy the ride!

Oh, and the ride: What is your Big Dream? Do you have a clear vision for yourself as a Human being? Do you have a clear vision for your key Relationships? Are you clear as to where you are going in your profession, career, vocation, business?

I have learned to use the word impossible with the greatest caution said Werner Von Braun. What is meant here is that we need that positive, optimistic inner attitude aligned to a clear mission to empower the possible.

The past is history, and Your REALITY NOW is what you have. What OPTIONs are you inspired to consider by reflecting on your story? And what is going to be your QUEST going forward? How are you going to break the bonds of conditioned restrictions? Will you be committed in both Head and Heart?

When you have decided upon your Quest, what are your UNIQUE NEEDS, which must be satisfied before you can embark upon your Quest? And when you are ready, what exactly is your EXECUTION strategy? What exactly are you going to do? How will you measure both you performance and your achievements? Who will you be accountable to? And how will you celebrate your success? What will you do?

Sometimes we need some tools to help us reflect on our Inner before we set ourselves up for our Outer journey.