Confidence, determination and will are within you

When Frank visited Australia on vacation from London, he was not expecting to be rushed into hospital in rural Victoria for a hernia operation. An active sports fan  both as player and even member of the board of a local football club in England, his early years presented him as extremely physically fit. Today he is a well know partner in an Oxford Street department store in London. He is an inspiration for positive thinking, commitment, diligence, dedication and excellent customer service. He has quite a collection of recognition awards.

And the physical body has its own agenda. Now hampered by arthritis, mobility is a challenge. Such trials can sometimes lead to caution inhibiting potential. Yet with the right mirror of reflection, mental space and the art and science of what coaching can be leveraged for, fortitude, mental strength, and the confidence, determination and will that are within you can shift paradigms.. Frank and Joseph engaged in a coaching conversation just days after his hernia operation. This is what Joseph recorded. By the way, the granite stone referred to in the clip was a symbolic memento. A piece of rock found along the total ten kilometers walk in the Warburton Ranges that we embarked upon.