Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve but Didn’t?

Don’t wait for the ‘New Year’ to make a resolution or to start thinking about goals:
That moment is gone on New Year’s Day!

Don’t wait to think about a new strategy or direction for your Self as a human being, for your relationship world or for your business:
The right moment and period is now!

Don’t wait to decide:
You won’t if you don’t!

Don’t wait to reflect in your life:
Life’s mirrors are in every experience!

Don’t wait to reflect on your life:
No one is waiting for you!

Don’t wait to identify the cause of a problem outside you:
You are closer to it than you think!

Don’t wait for the problem owner:
Be the solution creator!

Don’t wait for a time to learn:
You are a student right now!

Now is the Right Time. You are in the Right Place. You actually have the Right Intention for You. Because you are the Right Person for You. And you will take the Right Action according to who You are.

Since sharing these thoughts I discovered the amazing synchronicity of Larry Smith’s TEDx talk.