How coachable are you?

At QuestUnique a fundamental tenant is whether or not an individual is willing to embark on some grounding in self understanding as a first step. We identify Five Key anchors that provide this foundation. They are:

  1. Your Top 5 Values
  2. Your Top 5 Strengths
  3. Your Personality Profile
  4. Your Emotional Intelligence Scores
  5. Your Holistic Individual ROQUE scores.

It may well be that an individual is well advanced in such reflection, in which case we simply leverage those learning’s and refer to the results for objective consideration. The Coach and Coachee relationship is extremely ‘sacred’ – where trust, confidence and assurance is fundamental. With such an ‘agreement’ to team, magic truly does happen.

The following article offers a valuable perspective from that of the clients: “Are You Coachable?” By Toddi Gutner.