Is your song about really, really big success?

The original article:  “Are You Born to Be A Billionaire?” by Maureen Farrell.

The observations are as true today as ever. In my own observations of billionaire ‘presence’ and performance, I add that these individuals are driven from the origins that cause them to be passionate. They don’t just have that glamour tag called passion. Do you know what you are passionate about? What your very essence of Being is screaming to become?

Then, how good are you at building, nurturing relationships? Firstly with yourself!!!!!! Any small talk or voices in the head?  Secondly, with your social relationships? Do you demonstrate integrity and command respect? Only thirdly, your professional prowess, unwavering commitment to a mission… and the tenacity to stick at it till the right time is unveiled – to go to the next level or do some steering.