King Parrot gives lesson in awareness

When considering the situation, does this have your full attention to allow the right degree of awareness?

In discussion with a client, we agreed that we all need to pause a few moments in our everyday lives and simply just acknowledge and appreciate our surroundings and circumstances. To do this one needs an open mind. We took a short walk between locations. You see, we found ourselves projecting our thoughts on what was before us. We commented on the natural beauty, the peaceful sounds. We began to lose ourselves in what we thought was reality of our conscious world. We were looking and listening. Then we had our paradigm shifted about being fully aware in the Reality Now. A King Parrot was at hand but we did not notice him. So he flew straight to the camera and sat on  it for a few seconds. This was a wild bird, and it was more my own startled reaction that caused him to fly off!  Yes, we were looking and listening but perhaps not quite seeing and hearing all of our reality! Now that is an awakening.

In the ROQUE discovery and coaching tool we experience: R = REALITY Now in-order to consider the situation or issue or problem. Then we explore our O = OPTIONS – what does our full awareness show us? Now our choice about what to do next with a congruence of Head and Heart becomes a Q = QUEST. Yet before we embark on that Quest, we have to be clear about what we need to put in place before we can begin. What are our U = UNIQUE Needs for this particular Quest? Only then are we ready to E = EXECUTE a plan of action.

We carried on the conversation and asked the question: Have we really fully examined the issue at hand? Just asking the question began to prompt further insights. It was in those further insights that we discovered new options we had not considered before. That led to a good value adding QUEST. My client now refers to a King Parrot moment when he is looking for a great idea!