Leadership traits for now!

Rosalinde Torres incisively states that three distinctive traits that show leaders are both great and current for their tasks include:

  1. Their perspective and ability in the context of: “Where are you looking to anticipate change?”
  2. The context of their rationale: “What is the diversity measure of your network?”
  3. The traditional fortitude focused on the future: ” Are you courageous enough to abandon the past?”

It is my experience that effective leaders leverage with an openness of humility in a greater and bigger cause. They build trusted relationships that they can depend upon. They see only change as the movement and rhythm of success – for their mission, their people and themselves. When such leaders breathe magnanimity, they are respecting their very core – which is the human-ness of their being. It is only at this perspective, that they have room to see the human being in others. And when leading others who also lead, my awareness is that one should not be reserved about challenge, about you or others. One should not be afraid to over-rule.

It is rightly implied that the management rule books are limited in their breadth! If a leader does not have his or her own philosophy on life, he or she will never be able to welcome, appreciate, respect or know value of another’s personal quest.

I thoroughly recommend this TED.com video to my clients, peers and professional network.