One Paradigm for Success is thought context

My podcast interview by the Podcasting Queen Annemarie Cross

In this podcast we talked about understanding yourself, paradigm shifts, how we think, success and the universal conext we should use.

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I had the absolute privilege to be interviewed in a global live podcast broadcast by Annemarie Cross, Podcasting Queen herself this afternoon. What a great exciting experience and amazing technology to cover so many platforms. Hope you like it!


Joining me today is Joseph D’Souza.

He says: “Your mind dictates what you see, which dictates how you ‘do’, which delivers what results you get.”

Joseph helps business owners and Corporate professionals re-set their paradigms to afford them a context which enables them to make more sustainable decisions. As a global citizen, Joseph’s life’s journey has shaped who he is as an Executive Coach, Business Coach-Mentor-Advisor.

On the show today, Joseph is going to share:

– Understand the paradigm of your thinking for a context from which to decide on your Quest – the better term for your big goals!

– Stop having goals! Learn to become your very own quest!

– Know your 5 Key Anchors………….and if you so desire, Your TRUE North!

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Just like The ROQUE Model, ROQUE as a coaching methodology is broken up in to 5 key areas to reflect upon. It can be used for reviewing goals, analyzing issues, making tough decisions or taking a deeper look at any number of topics. We work with clients so they fully understand the importance of each section and the value of their answers.

In our professional coaching services we use many other proven coaching systems and analytical tools in addition to ROQUE. However the values of ROQUE are core to our beliefs and philosophy of coaching – our anchor paradigm!

The name ROQUE takes its inspiration from a much respected man named Roque (b. 1930 d. 2005). He represented the ultimate in coachee behaviour – humility, respect, trust, openness, integrity and commitment to learn. Roque was never afraid to ask questions when he did not understand. He was always eager to respond to questions relating to his particular enquiries, goals and aspirations. You can learn about the methodology behind the ROQUE story here.

QuestUnique is a network of professional coaches who believe every individual has the opportunity and choice to tap into their own potential.

We utilize a number of professional coaching, mentoring approaches, coaching tools and systems including The ROQUE Model to achieve this. This unique tool set helps engage individuals through our business and executive mentoring services to achieve their goals.

At QuestUnique we deliver individual Executive Coaching offerings, Leadership Development Programs and High Performing Teams development strategies. Other Executive and Leadership team offerings include Facilitation of change programs, stakeholder engagement, SWOT reviews, Project Definition Workshops.

Business Coaching

A professional coaching service can help you grow your business from where it is currently in to what you’ve always wanted. We work closely with you to understand and review the current state of your business. We look at how you manage operations and your personal approach to leadership. We use a combination of our coaching philosophy, proven business review systems and our own ROQUE Model. We help you find direction and support you to achieve your goals. We aim to bring benefits to both your personal and professional life. We understand that reaching a balance and harmony in both will allow you to tap further into your true potential.

Thank you Annemarie Cross for an exciting live broadcast experience.