Reflecting on ROQUE from a manager’s perspective

New journeys in life, relationships and career can start anytime and anywhere. Most of the time these new beginnings are instinctive – perhaps a re-action to events and circumstances. Sometimes, we engage in intellectual musings where the drive is primarily rational and pro-active. Then there those moments where intuition sees a different order of things in our lives, and we embark on change. Can we reflect in a supported way, to help us on our way?

Mirror, Mirror of reflection
What do I SEE? What do I HEAR?
How does it FEEL
when I LOOK at me?
Am I going where I CHOOSE to go?
Am I BECOMING all that I can be?

We naturally ‘use’ many experiences in life as levers to help us see and move obstacles or identify opportunities. These unique allegories and metaphors become individually significant and require no external justification. They support us, give meaning, encourage, and even inspire. A simple example of using a mirror to get feedback or provide re-assurance that for example, our hair is straight, or that tie is centered etc in our daily routine may be taken to a philosophical dimension of reflection.

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear from Christian who had joined in the experience of reflection at QuestUnique using The ROQUE Model. We also visited The 5 Key Anchors with Your True North and used a matrix table that gives you a quick reference glimpse of where and how you are choosing to live a fulfilling life. Christian has an international career and presence spanning the corporate sector including helping individuals on their journey.

Here is what he had to say about his experiences.

“After reading the thorough instructions, I wanted to take my time to reflect on my life as I did the ROQUE because I’ve been feeling as though I am starting my life again at 47. I took the ROQUE very seriously to see how it could help me. I’m a big believer in that in life, you get out what you put in, in just about everything and the ROQUE is no different.”

“Initially I found that the ROQUE was such a simple assessment yet very complete at the same time. Each question led me to really think about this area of my life and why it was important for my development. And as I went along, I began to see that the ROQUE was also providing me with a status check of where each area of my life is currently, and therefore what areas I need to focus on more that I wasn’t paying enough attention to before. The ROQUE helped me to see that the areas that I had been neglecting were so critical to all the others. All the areas work together in an integrated fashion.”

“I have already noticed my conscious and unconscious energy going more towards the area of my life that I was neglecting. It is already working.”

By the time I had finished the ROQUE I felt like I had:

  • Reflected thoughtfully on the key elements of my life.
  • Been given a thorough yet succinct status check of my life.
  • Walked away with an easy-to-use tool that I can use to develop myself and my life further on a regular basis.

“In the 10 days after completing the ROQUE, I have already noticed my conscious and unconscious energy going more towards the area of my life that I was neglecting. It is already working.”

Christian had uncovered the power of QuestUnique and The ROQUE Model self discovery instrument. The goal of these self-reflection sets of questions is to invite the user’s own sense of reflection, context and self discovery.

Examples of reflection could be talking and sharing with a trusted friend, a mentor, a partner or even manager at work. Other examples may include completing a self-reflection questionnaire. At QuestUnique we use a questionnaire called The ROQUE Model.

The ROQUE Model is not a test, rather an inventory status for use as a conversation starter. The ROQUE Coaching Methodology is a related resource for use in self help or coaching programs.

The ROQUE Model

The ROQUE Model is an online interactive tool that prompts you to reflect on your work, life, relational worlds and how you are pursuing your goals. The true power of The ROQUE Model is in its simplicity. It is not a test. The outcome is a reflection of your own state of being in relation to the topic of change being considered. The value of using The ROQUE Model comes from understanding your answers and the conversation that it then begins with your coach, associates, partners, friends or even as you reflect on your own.

The ROQUE Quotient is identified in the ROQUE Model report when you have completed the on-line instrument. The Quick Reference Grid is a matrix created during coaching sessions as additional self-reflection is engaged upon and information collected.

Along with The ROQUE Model we explore other professional coaching instruments and tools to assist in the task of reaching clarity to the degree of enthusiastic commitment to act. Christian was happy to explain further his experiences with some of the key aspects of the QuestUnique coaching experience.

The ROQUE Quotient

“What I love about the ROQUE quotient is that it gave me 4 numbers that allow me to have a measure of where I am in the 3 key areas of my life and how much of my potential I’m currently using. That is something that I can take away and remember as I’m working on myself and my goals each day, so that I can be more mindful of the areas that I need to spend more time and energy on.”

The 5 Key Anchors / Your True North

“I’ve previously worked on and identified each of these 5 Key Anchors independently of one another, but I’ve never thought of putting them together in the way they are in this 1-pager. It brings essential “life-guiding” elements together so that I can see at a glance exactly what I need to remember each day as I’m living and developing my life. I will be putting this on my computer’s desktop wallpaper where I can see it every day.”

Quick Reference Grid

“The Quick Reference Grid helps me to keep my Dream, Vision, Mission, and Purpose front and center as I’m living each day. Many of us have completed exercises to identify these 4 items in the past but from my experience, it’s easy to lose sight of them as we succumb to the demands of life. The Quick Reference Grid allows me to get clear on each of these 4 items but the only way to fulfill each of them is to put energy into them on a consistent basis. This grid gives me a simple tool to make sure that I’m putting that consistent energy into each item because I can keep them so easily accessible. I believe that this Grid along with the 5 Key Anchors create a formidable dashboard for guiding one’s life on a daily basis.”

The topic of life is a big one. The journey of life is just as big. In fact, these are whole of life topics. Whole not just in lifetime, but holistic in the context of your Self as Human Being, your Relational world, and your Professional or Vocational experiences.

If we always had a plan, either self-generated (personal or professional development), or given to us (family and peer pressure), we would be able to ‘see’ how we are progressing. Unfortunately, the tradition with such plans only relate to one or more of life’s journeys.

A holistic approach is now showing that one can have a more congruent i.e. head and heart experience. In this approach one is actually freer to adapt, evolve and even change one’s aspirations whilst tapping into the ‘flow’ of life. Resistances and challenges will always be present, however the perspective of how they are addressed i.e. re-act or pro-act become levers for your progress with you in control – AND, responsible!

Christian’s experience and feedback is evidence of those Aha moments we so love to encounter in our quest for navigating the future. How are you going to start your own conversation for your next steps in a holistic life journey?

Thank you again to Christian Grancourt for allowing us to share his experiences with QuestUnique.

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