SMART Goals with ROQUE = Success

SMART Goals:

A slight BIG difference from QuestUnique

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The ROQUE Coaching Methodology

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Get Goal SMART by adding ROQUE

The SMART Goal process is probably the most widely used concept in goal setting world wide and still as value adding as ever. A very good article into the history and original concept of SMART goals can be seen at: and the CFI.

At QuestUnique we make some significant variations that have captured the imagination of many clients and professionals. For us the letter ‘A’ stands for attractive! We then underpin SMART with the ROQUE Coaching Methodology. Our focus is on achievement of the goal even more than just setting the goal.

SMART goals: S=Specific

The more detail you can articulate about your goal the better. Even smarter is understanding the why and context of your goal setting.

To get clear of your why, we use The ROQUE Coaching Methodology (free download).

Current REALITY What is going on now? Until you have invested some thought about your Reality Now, the framing of your Specific detail for your goal may be lacking.

SMART goals:  M=Measurable

Every possible quantification, financial, non-financial and qualitative are the ingredients for diligent implementation of your goal.

OPTIONS.  This is where you explore all the ways you may need to measure your SMART goal components. What could you do? The more options you can identify (without editing), you give yourself clarity and confidence in what you choose.

SMART goals: A=Attractive

Yes, we say, better than Achievable, ATTRACTIVE is about how emotionally engaged you are about your goal. The ROQUE Coaching Methodology uses the word QUEST instead of Goal. Very simply, you need commitment from your Head (Rationale and Logic) and your Heart (passion and emotion).

QUEST The choices with Head and Heart.  Typically, in ATTRACTIVE at QuestUnique, we ask: For this specific goal, how would you rate your commitment on a score of 1 to 10

a: In your Head and

b: In your Heart

The Head and Heart scoring is where the MAGIC happens. And the gap between score and maximum is cause to be explored.

SMART goals: R=Realistic

If YOU, as owner of your SMART Goal do not believe it is realistic and achievable, your chances of success are inhibited. We agree that your SMART goal should also be Relevant, Resourced and Reasonable

Your UNIQUE Needs : What do you need to put in place BEFORE you can begin the journey of your SMART Goal? What do we need to do before we can start? Starting your SMART Goal without being ready or fully prepared is the cause of many a goal casualty

SMART goals: T=Timed

You must have a start and finish date. Why wouldn’t you for a goal? Testing is also relevant.

The ROQUE Coaching Methodology takes us to EXECUTION of your Quest

EXECUTION of our QUEST is: So what EXACTLY are you going to do?  How big? How small? How many etc? PLUS: How are you going to hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE and by whom!

Download your free copy of the QuestUnique SMART Goal Template here. And look out for the second page which is about being SMART-ER: E=Evaluate your results R=Review and Renew your progress and next steps.

You can also download the guide Coach’s questions to help you address and adapt to your particular situation. Start by changing the perspective of any starting point you have. This may be over a topic, issue or problem. We recommend completing The ROQUE Model on line at a minimal investment. Then start a conversation.

Some associated background preparation for successful goal setting include:  What are your 5 KEY Anchors?Values, Strengths, Personality Profile, Emotional Intelligence, ROQUE Profile. What is Your TRUE NORTH? Your 5 Key Anchors plus Passions.


Why just have SMART Goals? Until you become your goals, they are just that: Something you HAVE! That means there is separation between you and your goals.

Becoming at one with your goal is how we come to use the term QUEST. There must be congruence between your head and your heart AND your QUEST must be aligned to who you are as a Human Being. Now with the prospect of a goal enabling your own fulfillment as a Human Being, you have an awareness of responsibility and commitment to your self.

How are you measuring up to setting your goals and achieving them?