Strategic agility by leveraging inside talent

The failure of “hierarchical” management structures

If companies want to adapt quickly, they need a “second operating system” in addition to their existing management structures, writes Gavin Hinks.

“You are not taking something away from the traditional work system. As a matter of fact, what we’ve found is that not only does the guy get his regular job done and contribute to the new system – good feeling also comes back to the regular job,” Kotter says. For further reading here is the full article “The Failure of Heirarchical Management Structures” by Gavin Hinks.

I  must say I would have made more about “….good feeling also comes back….”  You see for me, the real failure of management structures is that some managers have forgotten they are human and continue to manage people as utilities from the remoteness of an organizational structure. I guess it is because my fundamental philosophy is doggedly: I contend that there is no such thing as ‘Business’ or ‘Company’ or ‘Organization’ or ‘Corporation’! There are only PEOPLE having meaningful CONVERSATIONS with each other. Whether it is manager to employee, professional to client, business to business – nothing eventuates without a conversation. Good conversations become better when relationships are respected and nurtured. Therefore tapping the individual’s potential first, paves the way for valuing enhanced human being contribution.

It is definitely gratifying to see the words I have been using for some years – Strategic Agility,  referenced by leading thinkers in the space of managing in highly dynamic economic times. The aspect about parallel management structures is well known to those of us who have enjoyed the benefits of matrix management structures. Today as a leadership and executive coach, I would add, that a key resource to tap available insights is using coaching as a culture within an organization. Leveraging external coaches for alternative perspectives, can also support parallel structures where non-hierarchically positioned individual’s potential is released to add significant value which would otherwise be ignored.

When organizations, large or small respect their people as human beings, and contextualize their professional roles in a holistic way, performance improvement is as bound to happen as scientifically valued concepts of repeatability.

When John Kotter is quoted with: “Basically, how organisations are started is the ‘network’ type thing”, this really sings my song! Here at QuestUnique a key to working with individuals at whatever professional level is to have a shared understanding of the human being – the essence behind the ‘network’. Take the trade or profession skills as read. When you are in the door because of your technical skills, it is about you as a Human Being that actually makes the difference in how you perform.