Tapping Human Potential and Performance Reviews

Today I look at the absolutely brilliant and well researched article: “Time to Scrap Performance Appraisals?” by Josh Bersin

What Josh Bersin is representing is what we as Executive Coaches understand all too well. Do employers actually recognize the value of investing in their people to really tap the individual’s own potential? I suggest very rarely and even where it happens, it is in isolated areas and at the wisdom of individual managers. Large global corporations of renown have had cultures of such wisdom though regretfully, expediency of short term results is gradually crowding this value add out.

Coaching as a culture is being sampled here and there. More power to those organizations giving this a go. I sincerely hope that those using business cases to leverage this type of culture are balancing the measures of qualitative, non-financial quantitatives, and financial quantitatives. This triple combination is what, I would suggest, taps more into the Human Being’s potential rather than the drive to extract just numeric performance outcomes.