The supreme owl and leadership

I have always referred to the symbol of owl as ‘the wise owl’

It is all seeing with its noticeable 360 degrees head turns; It sees in the dark – it can see through what is apparently hidden… etc. From ancient times the owl symbolism includes intelligence, mystery, wisdom, secret (occult sense), protector. Now from this video clip I add further: Supreme magnanimity. As we all walk our lives, sometimes our own inner noise leaves ripples of ‘interference’ in our environment. Refined presence just passes through – inspiring others to move!

I work in the field of Executive Coaching and Leadership Development including High Performing Teams programmes. I reflect how great leaders work and ‘move’ in every aspect of life as Human Being, in their Relational world and in their Professional or vocational journeys. Great leaders, like my ‘Wise Owl’ stir those who would be inspired at levels much beyond the mundane.