What stepping stones are you leveraging?

All of the natural world evolves in phases and stages even though we sometimes only see the outcome of a transition.

These continual movements may also be a metaphor for us in the concept of Stepping-stones. Science and engineering increasingly looks to the natural world for solutions and in a sense this is the going back to roots wisdom. We need to sometimes lose ourselves to what is, without the motivation to egocentrically change what lies before us. When a river runs its rapid course, there naturally exists this side and that side of the river. The embankments are separated yet they are one in a holistic sense. Even as the river flows, it draws upon both banks and the sediments are a cocktail of both sides. Sometimes one can wade from one side to the other. Other times one has to swim or use a raft or boat. Birds and insects simply fly across.Other animals jump the chasm where they can. And there are places along the river where its sheer natural energy provides random rocks as pavers which trekkers may simply use as stepping stones to cross. Harmonious and respectful leverage is possible when regard is given to the natural beauty, the aspiration for human beings to return to a natural experience and a helping hand that does in fact make an acceptable holistic engagement.