Where do great Leaders position themselves?

Where is the effective and successful leader?

Answer: In the balloon where you only see it’s symbol i.e. the tie rope.

The effective and successful Leader encourages his or her team by empowerment, respect, autonomy for their own best, trust and support. A leader offers the platform of perspective to fly high and hover – and then act.

Leaders do not always stand in the front. This image shows a view from one hot air ballon to another in the distance. The metaphor is that the leader encourages the team to go ahead and explore whilst they remain ready to support in the near distance, just behind.

The leader encourages the team to fly ahead

Through their own self-understanding Leaders are driven by their authentic values, have confidence in their strengths, have learned about their personality preferences, are developing emotional intelligence. Above all, they know, that they too, like those they lead, are human beings first, who have families and friends. They know that those they lead are performing roles and tasks in a career as part of a whole life.

Leaders understand the value of human beings first. That they live in a relational world of family and other people, including all living things and the environment. They know that these are the priorities for themselves and others. They get, that it is through this context, that individual human beings derive their sense of fulfillment. Effective leaders above all, respect that professional and vocational pursuits are support vehicles to sustain their relational worlds and not the other way round. That is why great leaders create the environment for others to grow. In so doing they themselves develop and grow their own potential as leaders.

Great leaders coach their teams as a hallmark of behaviour. By allowing the best of others to flourish, they learn even more about themselves.

Who leads you? Who do you lead?