Professional Coaching with QuestUnique

Are you interested in the idea of a professional business coach but aren’t sure what is involved, how it can benefit you or the types of goals you can seek to achieve? Let us take you through an introduction to Joseph D’Souza’s QuestUnique methodology of coaching featuring The ROQUE Model and a range of industry proven coaching systems such as the Strategic Review Rationale, SWOT analysis, Leadership Development and High Performing Teams.

How does Professional Coaching work?

Professional coaching sessions with QuestUnique can be handled in one on one appointment consultations or in small combined sessions in the case of business partners. Over a number of sessions of discussion we develop an understanding of the individual, their goals, their current situation and potential issues that are holding them back from achieving those goals. We then work with them continuously to form a conversation, keeping progress of their goals, tackling new objectives and difficulties as they arise and making sure they are mindful of their situation as a whole in the leadership position of their career.

How can a coach help me?

The benefits of professional coaching will vary from individual to individual and business to business. Some may be new to the experience of a leadership position and will need guidance on managing others. Some may have more specific goals such as increasing sales, managing staff, improving marketing or expanding their business in new directions. A business coach helps as a mentor and advisor for a wide variety of situations a modern executive or business owner may find themselves in.

Using decades of experience in a variety of corporate and business environments as well as a variety of coaching positions, we help you not only find the right answers, but to find them yourself through careful consideration of your current being and what truly drives you in business. The ROQUE Model is a foundation of this process and is used in our coaching sessions to help discover your current situation.

Are you asking yourself the right questions to achieve your goals?

  • Are you a Leader?
  • Is your Leadership style congruent with your emotional self?
  • Do you have questions you need to ask and reflect in confidence?
  • Do you need to discuss ideas for your next professional mission?
  • Do you need guidance to give you clarity about what next?
  • Do you need to re-evaluate work and life priorities?
  • Are you ready for change – personal and professional?
  • Do you have the right accountability checks in the execution of your goals?
  • What is ultimate success for you today?
  • How much of your own potential are you tapping into?
  • As an Executive, Manager or Professional are you performing at your peak? Are you as effective as you can be?
  • As an individual human being, where are you ‘headed’?
  • What choices have you considered as being open to you?
  • Is your head and heart in sync? Is there congruency in your decision making?
  • Do you understand your self needs to grow and become more of you?
  • How committed are you to make the changes you want?
  • Are you a business interested in growing services, value and income?

Why choose QuestUnique?

There are a lot of professional coaching services available aimed at small businesses and executives alike. The benefits of professional coaching are a proven science and there are many industry standards in the systems used in coaching. So how do we differentiate from other coaching services? We focus not only on the business and the goals presented but on the individual and their personal needs. We understand that to be truly driven to reach your goals you must achieve a balance between the logic of your head and the passion of your heart. When these two are not in sync you are unlikely to rise to your maximum potential. Our method of coaching allows you to discover for yourself what your current balance is, what may be holding you back and how to break free from those restraints. The answers may not always be what you want to hear, but they will allow you to progress.

Ready to learn more?

If you are interested in getting started with QuestUnique and our coaching services we would love to help organize a consultation to further discuss our coaching methodology and if it is right for you. To learn more about our specific coaching services you can visit our Business Coaching or Executive Coaching pages.

To learn more about our coaching services as a whole you may want to read our Coaching FAQ or read a Case Study on the benefits coaching can bring to your business.


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