Additional Coaching Resources

The following are an additional selection of resources and exercise sheets to help you learn more about professional coaching or dive deeper in to some of the results you’ve received through coaching or using The ROQUE Model.

QuestUnique Coaching Tools

Compliment our existing coaching services with some of these easy to perform exercise sheets based on coaching tools like The ROQUE Method.

ROQUE Ready Reckoner

How to action a ROQUE Methodology for individuals and teams.

ROQUE Exercise Sheet

A ROQUE coaching methodology template to use on ANY topic or issue.


Not just an ordinary SWOT. The five perspectives are a signature differentiator.

Quadrant Chart Exercises

Visually map your priorities of what you are Doing vs What you want to do using the established Quadrant format.

Make your SMART Goals SMART-ER!

SMART Goals: A slight BIG difference from QuestUnique

ROQUE Coaching Questions

A Coach’s and self-coaching tool for use with The ROQUE Model report and beyond.

ROQUE Coaching Definitions

Definitions of Dreams, Vision, Mission, Goal and Purpose in coaching.

True North

At QuestUnique we recommend you consider some reflection to give you an objective status of your values, strengths, personality, emotional intelligence, holistic you, and your passions.

Your True Values

Do your values cause you to make decisions in a particular way? What values are you choosing for the life you want?

Capturing Your True Passions

Like the “soul’s urge” are compelling and powerful. What passions drive you towards fulfilment?

Engagement Roadmap

Our roadmap offers a view of the total picture to sustainable success.

Talks and Interviews

A selection of talks, presentations and interviews featuring Joseph D’Souza.

The story of The ROQUE Model

A presentation by Joseph D’Souza at the Warragul Business Forum.

Yarra Valley FM 99.1 Radio Interview

An interview with Steve Powell and Joseph D’Souza.

Associated Groups

Links to various organizations and communities that are associated with or share philosophy with QuestUnique.

International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Visit the International Coaching Federation’s homepage.

The HR Landscape

Specialists in change and optimizing the performance and capability of organisations through improved people and culture work practices.

Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS)

Home of business mentoring services in Victoria, Australia.

Red Pill Performance Consultants

Leadership development services.


The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.

Yarra Ranges Council

Our local Shire Council resource. Contact your own local Council for resources to your locality.

Performance Consultants UK

Performance Consultants UK.

Business Victoria

Business Victoria is the Australian State of Victoria government agency that provides resources to residents. Each State has a similar resource.

Is coaching for me?

Various resources to help determine if a coaching service would benefit you.

Core Self-Evaluation Scale

Use this to test your own appetite to engage with a coaching process.

Coaching Readiness Scale

Download this PDF to test your personal readiness to embark on some self-development work.

Coaching Readiness Quiz

Use this check to test if you can see a benefit from hiring a professional coach.

Further Research

Read more about some of the proven coaching systems and tools that we employ in our service.

SWOT Analysis

Read the Wikipedia entry for SWOT Business Analysis.

High Performance Teams

Read the Wikipedia entry for HPT.

Leadership Development

Read the Wikipedia entry for Leadership Development.