Executive Coaching

At QuestUnique we deliver individual Executive Coaching offerings, Leadership Development Programs and High Performing Teams development strategies. Other Executive and Leadership team offerings include Facilitation of change programs, stakeholder engagement, SWOT reviews, Project Definition Workshops.

What is executive coaching?

In practice, Executive Coaching is simply yet importantly, the leveraging of an intelligent mirror of reflection. It is an added resource to help clear the mind and bring clarity to decision making. Two individuals establish a trusted, confidential platform for dialogue and communication that is unique, safe, supportive and resilience building.

Executive Coaching is one on one or one to many as in Team development. Executive Coaching is for both an individual professional with no direct reports, with line management responsibilities, or virtual team accountabilities, at any level of an organization.

Executive Coaching is at the end of the day about performance improvement where the drivers come from a sense of head and heart commitment and shared responsibility. It is about the journey of a professional delivering his or her unique value with fulfillment and purpose.

At QuestUnique we deliver individual Executive Coaching offerings, Leadership Development Programs and High Performing Teams development strategies. Other Executive and Leadership team offerings include Facilitation of change programs, stakeholder engagement, SWOT reviews, Project Definition Workshops.

How can an executive coach help me?

A professional coach may help in a number of different areas. There may be existing concerns or tasks you would like professional assistance with, or you may be looking to get more fulfillment out of your role and improve your leadership skills. The following are some of the most common reasons you may want to consider a professional coach:

A Desire to build leadership skills

How well do you believe you perform as a leader? Do you feel you could enhance your leadership skills? Do you inspire, grow, develop, and allow others to become more of their own potential? Do you understand your leadership style?

Evolving a current corporate culture

Build on formal consulting engagements for change management with programs that support transition and ease sustainability.

Professional development is your call!

Let’s be very candid. If you know it all, don’t call. If you have never considered a 360 degree feedback as a leader, don’t call. If you want to grow yourself and your people, let’s have a conversation. It’s your call.

Aspiring to engage with a professional ‘mirror of reflection’

Don’t take reflection for granted! Busy professionals cannot look openly into the mirror to see how they are to others. Strike up a trusted relationship with a professional with whom you command mutual respect. Then become aware of transformation and growth.

Lead a team and the organization by devolving ownership

Treat all activities like a project! Be wary of ‘running’ without clarity. Use the discipline of a Project Definition Workshop whether the mission is large or small, near term or strategic. You will build the right tone, discipline and approach to repeated and sustained success.

What does magnanimity mean to you!

Find out! Become magnanimous. That is leadership. Allow yourself to learn and become.

While the services of a professional mentor have proven benefits they may not apply to everyone. Executives, managers and other professionals in leadership roles looking to grow their skills through a coach must sincerely and genuinely desire to make the investment. Only with a deep engagement, critical analysis and review of not only the individual but their career, industry and personal situation may true potential be reached.

Are you a visionary and inspiring leader in the eyes of your leadership team?

Are you an insightful leader who can challenge with internal fortitude?

What choices do you have to help you better steer your organization in each leadership area?

Can you commit and demonstrate your leadership self alignment to your organizational mission?

What key decisions do you have to make for the organization that is demanding on your leadership?

Do you have organizational intelligence to enable effective and efficient synchronicity?

What is your current 360 degree feedback impression and what does it need to be for your future leadership success?

Are you a compelling change agent with the right balance of assertiveness and empathy?

Executive Coach Joseph D'Souza

Meet our head coach

Joseph D’Souza is a Professionally qualified and experienced Executive Coach with significant Corporate Professional and Executive experience including, national, international and global roles. Joseph is also accredited to deliver a variety of psychometric inventory and assessment instruments. Joseph also draws on extended experience and value from his Associate Executive Coaches.

Joseph is passionate about helping individuals become more fulfilled in their work and social life through enhanced understanding of their own natural potential and talents. These assets are ultimately about growth, fulfillment, leadership, teaming and partnering, improving relationships and getting the right people into organizations or groups, to do the right things utilizing their signature and supporting strengths.

He brings these values and philosophy to the forefront of his services as an executive coach and engages with clients in a manner that works for their specific unique situation and strengths.

Leadership Development

Executive Coaching is most often referred to in the context of Leadership development in the corporate world. Whilst many tools and programs are available in rich diversity, at QuestUnique we believe there is something more. And that something applies to all levels of a human being engaging with others.

“Leadership is not something you can just buy or read about.”

Leadership comes about when a human being transcends his or her self, and goes within to reach those depths those heights of the essence of who the person is. At this level you are close to the very source of potential for that human being.

At that level, the human being exudes magnanimity from one human being to another and to others. It is that magnanimity, that genuine sincere care, which is so profound that causes others to well up with inspiration. It shifts perspectives and motivates people into action. And leadership exists between every single conversation you have with another human being.

-Joseph D’Souza

Statue of wise men

Can you be a Leader and still be a Human Being?

In the current awareness of emotional intelligence, mental toughness, resilience, fragility from stressful environments and scenarios, the pressure and demand to perform, – respect for the individual is a critical success factor. At QuestUnique, we reflect on the Human Being, their Relational world as context, whilst we work on the Professional and his or her potential and aspirations.

High Performing Teams

A High Performing Team is not a badge for having attended a course. Highly effective, motivated, energized, learning individuals excel in their performance of duty and go beyond when there is synergy between them and others in the course of their accountabilities. Successful individual team members grow themselves and each other. They take off above achievement where the mediocre who are task doers remain at most, partially connected with the mission. Trust, confidence, empathy, respect, optimism, positivity, integrity are the hallmarks of the individuals in a high performing team. It is their combined contributions that become their signature of excellence always and continuously. And let’s not forget high performing virtual teams that include the clients, suppliers, service providers and business partners. For highly effective team performance is not about us and them. QuestUnique high performing teams programs go beyond tokenistic team building.

A corporate team photo

Ready to take your executive leadership to the next level?

Joseph’s experience in corporate cultures mixed with his unique coaching methodology and tool set make him the perfect asset for any corporate executive looking to improve themselves. Joseph works comfortably with peers and incumbent service providers. Participation on panels of external executive coaches is welcome.

Get in contact with us today for a consultation on how executive coaching can improve both your professional and personal life and allow you to reach your potential in a leadership capacity.