Frequently Asked Coaching Questions

If you are interested in engaging our professional coaching services to improve your business or enhance your role as a corporate executive you probably have a lot of questions. Listed below are a selection of the most common questions we receive. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact us today. We would love to answer any questions you uniquely have and discuss the benefits of having a personal business coach.

If you have questions about The ROQUE Model online instrument, payment or problems please refer to The ROQUE Model FAQ section on the appropriate page.

Where do you operate?
We are located in the beautiful Yarra Valley, outside Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We work with clients all throughout Australia and internationally. We also use VOIP such as Skype, Zoom, etc. We can arrange for appointments both on location at your business and at our personal office.

How long are coaching sessions?
Typically a coaching session will last one hour depending on the current topics at hand and booking availability.

How far ahead are coaching sessions planned?
All sessions are booked in advance according to the program agreed. There is some flexibility to respect life matters.

What industries do you have experience in?
Our work is cross industry. Our method of coaching does not rely on prior knowledge of specific industries. We focus on the individual and provide them with the tools and knowledge to find the correct answers for themselves. We do however have experience at different levels in: Sales and Distribution, Manufacturing, Services, Design and Innovation, including some understanding of others within the primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary industry classifications.

Can we have coaching appointments online?
Yes! We are more than happy to arrange for meetings using online tools software.

What hours can you be contacted for additional assistance, are there additional costs?
We operate within typical business hours. International sessions are by arrangement in advance and secured within the program.

What are your payment options?
We accept cash, credit card and electronic funds transfers. Payments must be made in advance for each session, typically via standing bank order.

What is expected of me from the coaching sessions?
For the coaching process to be a success there must be a degree of dedication. Various goals will be set over the course of appointments and it is fully required that they be successfully completed within their allotted time frame. We understand that everyone has different commitments that need to be attended to and work with the client to make sure their tasks are appropriate and tailored to their unique situation.

Is it ok to have my business or personal party join a session?
Yes. We have several clients who have sessions more as a partnership than specifically one on one. Team sessions are organized separately as these typically require more than the standard one hour’s allocation for a session.

What qualifications do you have to be a business coach?
Qualified Management Consultant – IBM Europe
Mastery of structured approaches within professional disciplines gained in the context of direct experience, education, certifications and accreditations.
M.B.A / M.L.M (University of Western Australia and Curtin)
B.A (Arts) 1st Class Joint Honours (University of Manchester UK)
B.A. Marketing (Merton Technology College, London by Institute of Marketing UK)
MBTI Qualified and Accredited
DiSC Qualified and Accredited
Bar-on EQ-I and EQ-360 Qualified and Accredited
Numerous Industry and Professional, Management, Consulting, Leadership courses.
Institute of Executive Coaching certified
Member of International Coaching Federation
Committed student of Personal Development, Knowledge and Strategic Thinking

What business experience do you have?
30 years professional experience including Leadership, Senior Management and Management Consultancy in IBM UK, Lend Lease Employer Services, IBM Australia. Sales Director and CEO in UK companies, Independent Management Consultant, Executive Coach, Facilitator.

What Executive Coaching Experience do you have?
Joseph D’Souza is an Executive Coach gearing individuals and organizations for enhancing Performance, Learning and Development to Achieve, Fulfill, Enjoy, and take Responsibility. He works with Leaders to build High Performing Teams for sustainable and measurable continuous performance and improvement. Joseph is also Mentor to Corporate Executives, Professionals and Small Business owners. Joseph is also Mentor at Small Business Mentoring Services Victoria. He was Chairman at Morrisons of Mt Evelyn, Victoria.

What corporate roles have you had that demonstrate understanding of Executive and Leadership perspectives?
30 years professional experience including Leadership, Senior Management and Management Consultancy in IBM UK, Lend Lease Employer Services, IBM Australia. Sales Director and CEO in UK companies, Independent Management Consultant, Executive Coach, Facilitator.

What are some of your key areas of direct experience?

  • Strategy
  • Geo Regional management
  • Board of Directors
  • Business Transformation
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Trusted Adviser
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Client Relationship
  • Strategic Alliance Management
  • Creative and Innovative

Do you contract with Corporate Professionals?
Yes. We work with Executive Sponsors, Human Resources Departments, and directly with Professionals as required and appropriate.