The ROQUE Coaching Methodology

In addition to our unique coaching philosophy we also have a highly developed coaching methodology based on the key elements of The ROQUE Model. When approaching goals, issues or critical decisions this methodology becomes a powerful tool of self reflection and analysis. Key aspects of professional coaching are important for business owners, executives and others in a leadership position.

Just like The ROQUE Model, ROQUE as a coaching methodology is broken up in to 5 key areas to reflect upon. It can be used for reviewing goals, analyzing issues, making tough decisions or taking a deeper look at any number of topics. We work with clients so they fully understand the importance of each section and the value of their answers.

In our professional coaching services we use many other proven coaching systems and analytical tools in addition to ROQUE. However the values of ROQUE are core to our beliefs and philosophy of coaching

What is ROQUE?

The name ROQUE is both a person and an acronym for the various areas of reflection The ROQUE Model and ROQUE Coaching Methodology are based upon. Continue reading to find out more about each of these sections and why they are an important part of our coaching.



What is happening in the context of your topic or issue right now?

In this step we look at the current reality of what is going on regarding the topic you have chosen to explore. You can explore as many of the symptoms – the positives and the negatives. Identify cause and effects scenarios. Are you or the situation where you expected ? Do not worry about attempting to solve anything. It is important to be focussed on the topic or issue or problem alone. This is discovery and fact finding to achieve clarity about what it is exactly that needs to be solved later.



What Options can you currently identify to deal with the topic or issue?

This step is about looking for Options to see how the Reality of the topic could be different. Just like brain storming, it is best not to edit the range of Options that come to mind. Just capture! In this section we consider, and look for Options that are known and open to you and also those that may never have been considered before. Rarely is one forced into doing things. You have choices, irrespective of circumstances or events, yet only when you seek out options. Choosing to follow certain actions makes life much more interesting and gives you a sense of control. Being pro-active rather than being re-active gives you a sense of responsibility and accountability. Seeing many choices or options indicates your own increased awareness in all the elements of the circumstances you find yourself in, or encounter. Do you ask yourself: “What if?”



What are you GOING TO DO? What is your Quest?

This is where you identify the option/s to become your solution to the answer or resolution to your topic or issue. We use the term Quest to respect the fact that successful outcomes reflect a combination of the rational and emotional. When you have ‘Head’ goals, these are what you think you ought to do. You use rationale to support you. When you have ‘Heart’ goals, these are what you feel you ought to do – you have emotion and passion. Sometimes this is referred to as your intuition. At this QUEST level, you need to test that what you think and feel are aligned. That there is integrity and congruence rather than conflict or that ‘torn between feeling’.

Research confirms that when you write down or build a visual aid and share your goals, when you make some ‘public’ statement about them, your chances of success are greater. A good tool to use when goal setting is to express your goals in a SMART criteria:

A SMART goal is: Specific, Measurable, Attractive, ie passionate, Realistic, Timed.



What do YOU need by way of resource to help support YOUR QUEST before you can begin?

Consider all the resources or ingredients, skills, tools, internal or external support, authority, delegation, process, space, time etc. that you need to have in place before you start. What will make this effort be at the right time, the right place, have the right intent, with the right individual or team to take the right actions? Have you considered the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats or risks?



What is your plan for Executing or Achieving YOUR goals?

Results only materialize when you have absolute clarity of vision and purpose. When you have the ability to focus like a laser beam – shining a bright light on that specific intent, passionately energized with your WHOLE being. Then, you no longer have a QUEST or supporting Goals – You ARE the QUEST, the GOALS and the ACTIONS. Execution here is putting your SMART goals into action.

The origin of ROQUE

Sometimes fate can play a helping hand. Was it intuition, the aligning of planets, the culmination of education or experience or the result of an unconscious quest? The story of how The ROQUE Model and methodology came to be has been shared in TEDx talks and numerous public forums. When life time events, observations and teachings are openly embraced – there you will find meaning, purpose and a sign post or two. Welcome to the story of ROQUE.

The name takes its inspiration from a much respected man named Roque (b. 1930 d. 2005). He represented the ultimate in coachee behaviour – humility, respect, trust, openness, integrity and commitment to learn. Roque was never afraid to ask questions when he did not understand. He was always eager to respond to questions relating to his particular enquiries, goals and aspirations. You can learn about the methodology behind the ROQUE story here.

Roque the man was born a Roman Catholic, when it was traditional to be baptised with a Saint’s name whose Catholic calendar feast day was on or near the birth time of a new born. The man Roque was so named after a Saint Roque (b. 1576 d.1628). During life St Roque was a Jesuit priest and was beatified as a martyr.

ROQUE Around the world

ROQUE and The ROQUE Model are already being seen and used around the world. In addition, proceeds for this quest also support Community Aid Programs in different countries. We invite you to join this movement.


As ROQUE continues to grow around the world it is also adapted to suit new challenges and goals. From this we have developed a range of ROQUE based coaching instruments to more specifically help the recipient. We call this The ROQUE Family Tree.

The ROQUE Family Tree

These simple models of questions and statements are designed to be meaningful conversation starters. In this context, they become for the individual, the Right TIME, in the Right PLACE, with the Right INTENTION, for the Right PERSON who will take the Right ACTION!

The ROQUE model brand includes the following family members. Each of the models are included in a coaching program as appropriate where you and your coach are partnering to help you achieve specific objectives.

  • ROQUE for Leadership
    A snapshot for the journey in Leadership Development, Team Leadership, Manager of People
  • ROQUE for Women in Leadership
    A stepping stone to leverage the unique perspectives and experiences of successful business women
  • ROQUE for Small Business
    Business Owners holistic challenges
  • ROQUE for Business Strategy
    A barometric indicator for how well your strategic direction is supporting business
  • ROQUE on Innovation
    Is your work really innovative?
  • ROQUE on Lifestyle
    Your choices or other people’s or circumstances?
  • ROQUE for People Talent and Potential
    Do you see your team as People or only utility and resources?
  • ROQUE on Professional Development
    So what is your roadmap?
  • ROQUE on Career
    Career, Profession, or Vocation?
  • ROQUE on Team Building
    Are you teaming or working at the same time?
  • ROQUE on Financial
    Questions about your life matters, not financial products, offerings or services.
  • ROQUE for Information Management
    Are your primary processes and management structures giving your business the information to support leadership and direction decisions?
  • ROQUE on Retirees
    Your Value, Your Rewards,
  • ROQUE on Relationships
    A snapshot of your Emotional Intelligence
  • ROQUE for Seeking Employment
    What are your guiding Values and Passions?
  • ROQUE on Sustainability
    So what does sustainability mean to you?
  • ROQUE on Professional Coaching
    Your Voactional Health Check
  • ROQUE on Professional Consulting
    Your Vocational Health Check
  • ROQUE for Professional Mentoring
    Your Voactaional Health Check
Coming soon by client request:
  • ROQUE for Women over 50
  • ROQUE for Teenagers
  • ROQUE for Becoming the Manager you aspire to be
  • ROQUE for Reflecting on Your Spiritual Quotient (SQ)
  • ROQUE on Seven Holistic Influences
    Reflecting on your intercultural understandings
  • ROQUE on Your Project Management Nous
    For the non-professional project manager
  • ROQUE on Your Emotional Capital
    Taking Emotional Intelligence further