SWOT Analysis

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis is a critical review tool that serves an important purpose in our coaching methodology. We use it to assess various situations crucial to your small business or corporation and establish key areas of focus.

What is a SWOT Analysis?

A SWOT Analysis is a matrix of fields used to identify both internal and external factors which will act to help or harm the progress of your goals. It is a powerful tool to analyse your current situation and make informed decisions on how to proceed.

Much like our own ROQUE Model, A SWOT Analysis isn’t restricted in how it can be applied and the types of topics it can be utilized in. In a coaching environment it has similar features to ROQUE, acting both as a map for the current reality of your topic and a conversation starter to determine the next course of action.

  • Should we introduce a new product?
  • Should we invest in a new marketing campaign?
  • Should we increase our number of staff?
  • Should we expand in to new markets?

These and other crucial questions can be analyzed through the lens of a SWOT review to help you find the answers. Part of our job as a professional business instructor is to guide you through this analysis and make sure you are considering as many perspectives as possible.

If you would like to read more about the history of SWOT Analysis, you can find more resources on the Wikipedia Page

At QuestUnique, we perform a special kind of SWOT Analysis with an even deeper scope of review while also incorporating our ROQUE Model in to the equation. We call this ROQUE with 5 Ways SWOT.

ROQUE with 5 Ways SWOT

By taking the core analytical approach of SWOT and applying it to multiple key business factors with the addition of our ROQUE Methodology we gain a greater insight in to you business. We create a map of information detailing your industry, clientele, products and services and you as an individual. The ROQUE Methodology then turns this information in to a guide on how you may progress. To turn threats in to opportunities and weaknesses in to strengths. Our coaching method aims to help you through this process.

In ROQUE with 5 Ways SWOT we perform a SWOT analysis on 5 key areas:

  • You, the business owner, manager, corporate executive or leader.
  • The business, organization or company.
  • The product, service, solution or offering.
  • The target customer, client profile or demographic.
  • The industry, sector or niche.

Using this data we fill in each SWOT Matrix, but then using a ROQUE Methodology we determine a course of action based on this data. Confront the weaknesses with the perspective of turning them in to strengths. Leverage potential threats and turn them in to opportunities. And finally, correctly identify all opportunities, qualify them and leverage them as items to increase your strengths.

ROQUE with 5 Ways SWOT Matrix

Download a free copy of the ROQUE With 5 Ways SWOT Analysis Exercise Sheet PDF (2.5mb) and see what results you can find. With a professional advisor by your side we can help you discover perspectives you may not have realized and find new ways to utilize the results.