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Why Create an Account?

Why create an account with QuestUnique? We decided that it is the best for our users to create an account before using any of our coaching instruments such as The ROQUE Model for a number of reasons.

Coaching Accessibility

Although not required, we highly recommend you follow up the use of our coaching instruments with a debriefing coaching session. Having an account allows our coaches to directly access your information to assist with this sesssion.

Resume Instruments

In the unfortunate scenario that you lose your connection or encounter some other problem while using one of our instruments, having an account will allow you to login and resume right where you were.

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Lost your report email or download? Want to compare a new instrument report to a previous one? In your account you can download a new copy of any past report for any instrument you have completed.

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We care about your privacy and provide the ability for any user to delete their account and any identifiable information relating to them via their account settings.