Where do great Leaders position themselves?

Where is the effective and successful leader? Answer: In the balloon where you only see it’s symbol i.e. the tie rope. The effective and successful Leader encourages his or her team by empowerment, respect, autonomy for their own best, trust and support. A leader...

Noble Sun of Ebb and Flow

Just a close of one cycle. Just a heralding of a new phase. And this very sunset is a dawn in another place. As the setting sun orchestrates the stilling of nature, so are some inspired to withdraw or meditate.  And the Baboons of Africa will know when to awake and...

Cracks of Dawn

And the Sun does not move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When seasons come and go or even linger. When globes and worlds are traversed with this Earthly nature, one thing is certain: The Sun will rise in the morning! And so to me it seems, that dawnings of a day signal time to...

Beauty or weed

And some say Beauty whilst others call it Weed! It is because we think we need the labels, that we indeed do limit the potential of experience.

I am the change I see

I am the change I see For No Thing is ever still I may respond, I may react Or I may not Some change is slow, and some quite fast One thing I know The movement is a universal dance