Reflect on your life's journey so far..
Are you going from where you are, to where you seriously want to be?

Self Reflection through The ROQUE Model

The ROQUE Model is an online interactive tool that prompts you to reflect on your work, life, relational worlds and how you are pursuing your goals. It is a professional coaching, reflection and self discovery tool developed over many years and successfully used by thousands of individuals, couples, teams and executives to help them towards their goals. The emphasis is on reflection in the context of goals as a QUEST – where there is congruence between the head (rational and logic) and heart (emotion and passion).

We use The ROQUE Model as part of the 5KeyANCHORS i.e. Values, Strengths, Personality, and Emotional Intelligence inventory. When we add Passions, this is also known as Your TRUE NORTH. Use The ROQUE Model with a professional coach or as a standalone instrument for your own purposes.

The ROQUE Model
$55.00 USD

The true power of The ROQUE Model is in its simplicity. It is not a test. The numbers in your results are illustrative context markers. The outcome is instead a reflection of your own state of being in relation to the topic being considered. The value of using The ROQUE Model comes from understanding your answers and the conversation that it then begins with your coach, associates, partners, friends or even as you reflect on your own.

We also provide a number of additional follow on tools that allow you to further dive in to the answers you find using The ROQUE Model. These will help guide you through the process of finding the solutions and pathways to your current situations in your personal, relational and professional lives.

If you are considering changes such as: career moves, life style focus in health, well-being, experiences of adventure, family connections and re-connections, new relationships, education for pleasure, new hobbies, personal development, letting go, new horizons, addressing life long yearnings, even just wanting to put back those sparks in your life, The ROQUE Model will help you start those conversations.


Reflect and review what your goals are saying about your Self as Human Being, your Relational world with others and your natural eco system, and your vocational or professional life.


Take back your life as a Human Being. Re-enter your world of Relationships. and still Find purpose in your ever-demanding needs of managing your business.


The best teams are High Performing Teams. Are you anchored in your own world as a Human Being? In your Relational world? In your own Professional journey?


If you are a leader, are you inspiring others because you are yourself optimally anchored as a Human Being, attentive to your Relational world and indeed, conscious of your own Professional cause and commitment?

How does it work?

The ROQUE Model functions as an online confidential exercise. There are 36 sections that reflect on different aspects of your life, goals or other interests. Each section allows you to evaluate your current state through five different levels of response. In your final report you are provided with graphs showing your progress. This is not a test! There is no criteria for assessment. It offers you an opportunity to see some context of how you are living your choices.

How long does it take?

We recommend setting aside at least 25 minutes to complete your session with The ROQUE Model. However we also suggest not using this time as a goal in how fast you should be completing it. Take the time to reflect fully on each section and decide upon your current state. With your report you can review your reflections at random and with ever increasing value of what it means to you.

The ROQUE Model is developed to cover five key areas to reflect on. Click on the letters below to learn more.


What is happening in your life right now?

In this section, we look at what is going on. The REALITY in three key areas of your everyday life. Your SELF as a human being – your personality, your emotional nature and your philosophical or spiritual outlook. Your RELATIONAL-self looks overall at key relationships – social, recreational or entertainment and environmental. Your PROFESSIONAL-self refers to all aspects of professional / occupational or income generating activities. This includes satisfaction and performance, IQ, skills, education, experience, networks and mentors.


What Options do you currently see for changes you want in your life?

In this section we consider, and look for Options that are known and open to you and also those that may never have been considered before. Rarely is one forced into doing things. You have choices, irrespective of circumstances or events, yet only when you seek out options. Choosing to follow certain actions makes life much more interesting and gives you a sense of control. Being pro-active rather than being re-active gives you a sense of responsibility and accountability. Seeing many choices or options indicates your own increased awareness in all the elements of the circumstances you find yourself in, or encounter. Do you ask yourself: “What if?”


What are you GOING TO DO? What is your Quest?

In your Quest from the Heart and Head, you have aspirations. When you have ‘Head’ goals, these are what you think you ought to do. You use rationale to support you. When you have ‘Heart’ goals, these are what you feel you ought to do – you have emotion and passion. Sometimes this is referred to as your intuition. At this QUEST level, you need to test that what you think and feel are aligned. That there is integrity and congruence rather than conflict or that ‘torn between feeling’.

When you set yourself targets or goals, sometimes you are so passionate about the outcomes that you do not even need to think. Your drive replaces the need to articulate or share them. Intuitively you even know you can rationally explain yourself. However, research confirms that when you write down or build a visual aid and share your goals, when you make some ‘public’ statement about them, you provide for yourself an external incentive to ensure you stay on track, ride the inevitable low moments, become open to assistance and support, and take pride in both the journey and the result. A good tool to use when goal setting is to express your goals in a SMART criteria: (Note: We use a variation to the conventional. For the “A” we use “Attractive” to denote passion of commitment). A SMART goal is: Specific, Measurable, Attractive, ie passionate, Realistic, Timed


What do YOU need or to be in place to help YOU support YOUR QUEST?

In this ROQUE process, you have briefly surveyed what is happening in your life right now. You have identified initial options to give you the opportunity to do some steering in your life. You have made some choices as to which aspects of your life you are going to make decisions in and set goals. Now we look at the essential YOU, the person you have become this far based on your experience, your aspirations, preferences and nature. When your goals are in sync, in harmony with who you are, you will succeed as easily as being ‘in the zone’. When you perceive events as obstacles, deficiencies or other challenges however insignificant, the distractions will be less helpful to your mission. At QuestUniquE, we respect the journey you have come through. We encourage you also to acknowledge the essential current YOU. We support you in your reflections to enable you to achieve a transformative experience and perspective to support you in your journey forward.


What is your plan for Executing or Achieving YOUR goals?

How committed are you to the goals you have chosen and set for yourself? Are you now aware of your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? Do you have what you need or know where or how to get what you need to start? Have you got actions in place to leverage and build on your talents, and change behaviours and attitudes that you consider to be obstacles? Are you so focused that in the event that life matters do impose, you can navigate your way to bring you back on track? Are you excited and eager and passionate? How ready are you to achieve your top three goals right now? How will you hold yourself accountable and to whom?

Making real or the realization of your QUEST starts with your VISUALIZATION of your supporting goals.

Results only materialize when you have absolute clarity of vision and purpose. When you have the ability to focus like a laser beam – shining a bright light on that specific intent, passionately energized with your WHOLE being. Then, you no longer have a QUEST or supporting Goals – You ARE the QUEST, the GOALS and the ACTIONS.


Proceeds from usage of The ROQUE Model go towards helping sustainable community aid programs and the continued development and maintenance of The ROQUE Model. We aim to develop The ROQUE Model as a self sustaining and growing instrument that helps others around the world.

Do I need to have a coach?

To get the best value out of using this instrument and reflecting on the results we recommend coinciding it with a coaching session. The ROQUE Model also works as a completely stand alone process for use by anyone with or without professional coaching.

How does ROQUE work in coaching?

When used by a professional coach The ROQUE Model is a unique tool for reviewing an individual's current situation and how they are working towards their goals. It creates a level of understanding between coach and client that brings them in to a conversation with a closer understanding of their progress. After initial sessions it then becomes a metric for progress as goals become closer to reality and the individual evolves.

Much like the QuestUnique philosophy of coaching aims to find a balance of personal and professional ambitions, so too does The ROQUE Model. This balance is what we believe allows each individual to tap into their true potential and strive in both crucial areas of their lives.


The ROQUE Model reflects on Goals as Your QUEST. We test the congruent commitment between the Head and the Heart.


We challenge the span of options you see for yourself. Comfort zone or stretched perspectives? Go beyond your current paradigms.


What did you want? What are you doing about it? How is that working for you? What will you do next?


If you have started to seek for new horizons, you have begun the first steps. Your direction will be discovered in your Quest.

Your ROQUE Report

The flexibility of The ROQUE Model allows the inventory in your report to be applied to a range of situations. The anchoring structure is The ROQUE Coaching Methodology. Use this work sheet to help you structure your thinking and forward planning. In a business sense you could be considering a new product, changes to management structure, new marketing ventures or business wide expansions. At the same time, The ROQUE Coaching Methodology can be used in personal situations like purchasing a new car or simply deciding how best to accommodate your hobbies!

The companion ROQUE structures are practical tools for engaging in almost any decision making process where you need to reflect on the congruence of your logic and passion. Sometimes The ROQUE Model questions may be confronting, yet that in itself is crucial to finding the right answers for your own progress. In this way The ROQUE Model is a useful navigational aid for finding the correct pathways for you.

In any circumstance can you see that: Now is the Right TME, that you are in the Right PLACE, because you are the Right PERSON, with the Right INTENTION taking the Right ACTIONS? If not, what changes would you make?

Using The ROQUE Model

When using The ROQUE Model, the red buttons at the bottom of the screen will allow you to navigate forwards and backwards through each section.

In each section of The ROQUE Model you will be presented with a statement and an interactive slider. The statement is within the context of the topic and description for that section. Use the slider to select the response that most accurately describes your current progress on the topic.

If the answer is not immediately apparent, that is OK! Take the time to reflect fully on the topic and carefully consider your answer. This is not a test! It is your opportunity to reflect.

The ROQUE Model is compatible with a wide range of modern browsers, mobile devices and tablets. Please note that any plugins that disable JavaScript and other scripts may cause issues with the interface.


We’re glad that you’re interested in The ROQUE Model. If you have any questions about using it feel free to review our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about The ROQUE Model, its usage, our coaching service or how they all work together.