Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in using The ROQUE Model? Listed below is a selection of the most common questions we get. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please contact us today. We will be happy to explain how The ROQUE Model works, what the benefits, outcome and possibilities are.

If you have questions relating to our Business and Executive Coaching Services please refer to our Coaching FAQ page.

Am I obliged to use a coach at QuestUnique when using The ROQUE Model?
Use of the ROQUE model is totally flexible. You may choose to use the report for your own self-help program, integrate it with another personal or professional development plan or just have it for a handy reflection of options open to you. QuestUnique recommends services of Certified Coaches who are members of the International Coach Federation.

Can I use The ROQUE Model without paying for it online?
Yes, please get in touch with us to explore the options available.

Can I use The ROQUE Model for my partner?
Yes. The ROQUE Model works very well with all adults and we have a lot of experience using The ROQUE Model in business and family partnerships.

Can I use The ROQUE Model report as an assessment result?
The ROQUE Model instruments are designed to start some thinking which will enable you to explore and have conversations about decisions you may consider. As such they offer mirror-of-reflection self status checks at a moment in time. Other assessment instruments are available from key specialists which provide for example personality profiling, emotional intelligence quotients etc. Typically a coaching or development program would include a mix of such objective data. QuestUnique professional coaches are accredited in a wide range of instruments. Remember: The ROQUE Model is not a test or assessment. It is just a conversation starter.

Can we use The ROQUE Model in an organizational context in the workplace?
Yes. Whilst The ROQUE Model is aimed at individuals as the first step, many wish to extend the experience or take a wider program for use in Leadership, Team, Professional Development or Executive Coaching.

Do you offer telephone or VOIP services for consultations?
Yes. Discussions do not always need to be conducted in person. For efficiency and easy access, we deliver coaching services in person, on the telephone or via internet VOIP (such as Skype) video conferencing.

How can I become a professional user of The ROQUE Model and QuestUnique processes?
If you are interested in becoming a ROQUE accredited coach you can read more about it here. There are a number of preconditions to ensure integrity of both process and professional use. QuestUnique is happy to recommend accredited Coaching Schools and psychometric instruments for those wishing to pursue a vocation in coaching.

How may I know which Community Aid Programs my $55.00 contribution is supporting?
All users of The ROQUE model will receive communication with this information. You can also read more about the specifics on our Helping Others page. The ROQUE Model contributions to the Community Aid Programs are made periodically. However, as soon as your purchase is made, your contribution is deposited in the Stella Maris Trust Fund as a separate and protected entity.

I have purchased The ROQUE Model but wish to complete my session later. How do I do this?
It is always recommended that The ROQUE Model process be completed in one sitting. However should you wish to return at any time to complete your session you can do so via Your Account Login. Once logged in you will be able to continue.

I received an unsolicited email introducing The ROQUE Model. How did you get my email address?
Thank you for your time in exploring both The ROQUE Model and QuestUnique. Your details were either shared on the recommendation of a family member, friend or colleague. We have not purchased mailing lists. Our strategy is to use professional, family and social networks via their personal experience and referrals.

Is The ROQUE Model Family available to anyone?
Yes. A pre-requisite is however The ROQUE General Model. Typically other members of The ROQUE Model Family are used in conjunction with a coaching program.

What is your refund policy?
If you have experienced a problem in purchasing The ROQUE Model, and your payment has been collected via PayPal, we protect your payment and guarantee your use of The ROQUE Model. Once you have completed your session of The ROQUE Model, you are supplied with a ROQUE Report and eWorkbook. There is no refund for this service past this point. Other services provided by QuestUnique are contracted with terms and conditions.

What other services do you offer?
QuestUnique offers a range of professional coaching and mentoring services to support your development decisions. Specialist vocational coaches offer specific programs that vary from Executive and Professional development coaching, Leadership programs, Team development and a range of Life Coaching Options. Please get in touch with us if you have further questions.